Presentations and videos

Auckland Myeloma Patient Seminar

Dr Henry Chan (Waitemata DHB), Dr Nicole Chien (Auckland DHB), Dr Ken Romeril and nursing staff from Auckland and North Shore Hospitals.

Hamilton Myeloma Patient Seminar

Dr Henry Chan (Waitemata DHB) and Dr Hugh Goodman (Waikato DHB)

Whangarei Myeloma Patient Seminar

Ken Romeril (Myeloma NZ) and Dr Sarah Poplar (Northland DHB)

Myeloma New Zealand and what it offers to patients and carers – Dr Ken Romeril
Minimal residual disease in Myeloma Session 1
Minimal residual disease in Myeloma Session 2
Improving Survival in Multiple Myeloma
What’s new in Myeloma Treatment: a New Zealand Perspective
CAR T-cell Therapy: a New Frontier in Blood Cancer Treatment
Four Decades of Myeloma – Ken Romeril

Research and articles

Multiple Myeloma NZ campaigns for Pharmac to fund medicine

Myeloma New Zealand has started a campaign to press Pharmac into funding a treatment that has been standard-of-care throughout the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) for more than...
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Multiple Myeloma Research Review

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Rachel Smalley: 1,000 kiwis will die while Pharmac takes eight months to make a decision

OPINION: How long does it take you to make a decision about whether or not to buy something? You’ve got all the information in front of you. You know it’s a...
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The Burden of Myeloma Reports

The Burden of Multiple Myeloma: A study of the human and economic costs of myeloma in New Zealand
The Way Forward


Patients’ Perspectives


Development and diagnosis of multiple myeloma

Multiple myeloma treatment options and pathways

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