Help support the work of Myeloma NZ

Keen to help support the work of Myeloma New Zealand? We’re always very appreciative of any donations or fundraising in our name.

Here’s some ideas of the wonderful fundraising that the myeloma community have done.

Jessica from Past, Present and Fuchsia

I’ve had the idea of a flower fundraiser for a while when I was still living in Dunedin and wanting to start my own florist business.

That was when I started to learn about the different ribbon colours for different illnesses and I thought to myself how nice it would be to do a flower fundraiser one day to help and support others. It was just an idea then because I felt like I didn’t have all the materials and resources to put this sort of event together, plus I’m a little shy.

After some time in Dunedin, I decided it was time to move home again to Golden Bay and it was the right timing because a month later, my mum was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. It was a really challenging time for our family and we also found out that this blood cancer had shown itself across three generations in our family.

That was when the flower fundraiser idea popped up again and I knew I had to do it – for my mum, my family and for others.

I learned that burgundy is the colour for multiple myeloma and I started to plan ahead on having burgundy flowers with the same colour ribbons for my fundraiser.

March is Myeloma Awareness Month and I kept track of what red and burgundy flowers grow at that time. Dahlias kept popping up and that’s when I looked up the symbolism of a red dahlia and learned that they symbolise “perseverance and the ability to overcome”.

I see that quality in my mum every day and I’m always in awe of her perseverance and resilience in the face of cancer.

I knew I had found my flower and I couldn’t wait to make this idea that I’ve had for a long time into a reality.

In my Golden Bay community, I am part of a co-op gallery called the Living Arts Gallery where I have been selling my flowers and creations. When I told them about my flower fundraiser idea, they loved it and gave me a lot of confidence to run with the idea. Local artists even donated their art to the cause to be prizes in the raffle we held.

On the days leading up to the event, my mum and I were busy making red velvet cupcakes, knitted roses and cards. My mum even made some plum jam while I made bouquets. The gallery helped me advertise my event on Facebook and Instagram and I had a little article in our local paper too.

I was so overwhelmed by the kindness and support from our community on the day. It was so special to meet and hear from others who are also going through the same journey as my mum.

We raised $2,700 together and I donated all proceeds to Myeloma NZ and Rānui House.

I am forever grateful for the support my community has given me, and my intention is to carry on with this idea and fundraise annually in March, when my red dahlias are in bloom.