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The Otago Myeloma Research Unit (OMRU) is a multifaceted research programme that capitalises on unique New Zealand opportunities together with the University of Otago’s strengths. Our goals are:

To describe the epidemiological features of myeloma in New Zealand

To explore the genetics, epigenetics, and molecular features of myeloma that can be used to provide diagnostic and therapeutic advances for myeloma

To establish national networks, databases, and tissue resources that are essential to underpin future molecular studies and national studies or trials in myeloma.

The Myeloma and Related Disease Registry (MRDR)

The Myeloma and Related Disease Registry (MRDR) is a comprehensive database held at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. It is used to store clinical and health-related information about patients diagnosed with myeloma or related diseases from multiple centres in Australia and New Zealand. There is agreement among New Zealand haematologists that the best option for a national database can be achieved by joining the MRDR.

The OMRU will co-ordinate data collection and entry in Otago and Southland. It will also work with other New Zealand centres to gather national and regional information about myeloma.

The MRDR’s aims are:

  • Monitoring trends in incidence, mortality, and survival of myeloma and related diseases
  • Ensuring access to care
  • Benchmarking outcomes and factors
  • Providing a resource for clinical trials and research

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