North Wales cancer patient first in the world to trial new myeloma treatment

A North Wales cancer patient has become the first in the world to take part in a new trial looking for a more effective treatment for myeloma.

The study compares two different combinations of cancer medicines to see which helps control myeloma better in patients whose disease is no longer responding to treatment, or whose disease has reoccurred after two or more previous treatments.

This study is “investigational” because one of the treatment combinations – ixazomib plus dexamethasone – has not been approved for this use.

Myeloma is a type of bone marrow cancer affecting white blood cells known as plasma cells, which make antibodies to fight infections. Myeloma can be found where there is bone marrow, including the pelvis, spine and ribcage, and can occur in several different locations in the body.

Various treatments are available to reduce the levels and spread of the cancer throughout the body, as well as to relieve the symptoms and complications it causes.

Existing treatments work for some patients, however for some patients the cancer may continue to progress or patients may have a relapse.

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