Myeloma Research Review – issue 36

Welcome to issue 36 of Multiple Myeloma Research Review.

The use of ixazomib-based induction therapy in routine clinical practice is relatively uncommon for several reasons, so the first study for this issue is useful, as it describes the effectiveness and safety of such treatment in a multicentre cohort of real-world patients. US research has confirmed that dialysis inpatients with MM who undergo autologous SCT with high-dose melphalan are at increased risk of dying. Another included study,
an RCT, found no benefit of adding cyclophosphamide to bortezomib and dexamethasone in terms of renal recovery for patients with initial myeloma cast nephropathy and acute kidney injury not requiring dialysis. This
issue concludes with a report of VTE risk in participants treated with immunomodulatory drugs for MM in the Myeloma IX and XI RCTs.
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