Major developments in multiple myeloma to be presented at ASH

Starting Saturday, December 7, HemOnc Today will be onsite in Orlando at the ASH Annual Meeting and Exposition, bringing the latest in important, novel hematology research to our daily feed, with a special focus on multiple myeloma.

HemOnc Today spoke with Ola Landgren, MD, PhD, professor of medicine and chief of the Myeloma Service at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, about anticipated highlights of this year’s meeting.

“The ASH meeting is the most important meeting including all the latest news on clinical and research advances for the field of blood diseases,” Landgren said. “All the leaders in the field will be there. All the new data will be presented.”

This year, clinicians will have the opportunity to attend many exciting educational sessions regarding multiple myeloma that will feature the most recent updates on early drug development and how the use of four-drug combinations leads to minimal residual disease negativity and superior clinical outcomes, according to Landgren.

Innovative insights on myeloma disease biology that will help define mechanisms for drug development with novel targets, new prognostic biomarkers and ideal timing for therapy initiation will also be presented at the meeting, he noted.

“ASH is ‘the annual meeting’ for hematology,” Landgren said. “It serves both to consolidate the past year and all work that has been completed, as well as setting the stage for the coming years. Important results for the field are typically presented for the first time at an annual ASH meeting.”

Follow the newest discoveries in multiple myeloma from the meeting here. – by Alaina Tedesco

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This article was originally published on Healio