On November 22,  2016  in Wellington a group of New Zealand based hematology specialists led by Kenneth Romeril launched a new initiative for multiple myeloma patients, Multiplemyeloma.org.nz.

Why? All too often when diagnosed with life threatening disease, patients turn to Dr Google to find out all they can. More often than not it’s not local information that’s found and is not always relevant to New Zealand patients.  Our aim is to change that by providing a local resource for New Zealanders.

Our mission at multiplemyeloma.org.nz is to ensure that New Zeland patients living with multiple myeloma, as well as their caregivers, family, and friends, have a central source of free information and access to helpful advice from heomtology specialists working in this field of disease.

Multiplemyeloma.org.nz. will provide helpful advice to patients and their caregivers, whether newly-diagnosed or long-term survivors, the site is intended to help patients know what to expect in their treatment journey and to help them cope.