What is Myeloma?

Myeloma or Multiple Myeloma is a cancer of the plasma cells which are responsible for producing antibodies. In multiple myeloma, collections of abnormal plasma cells accumulate in the bone marrow, where they interfere with the production of normal blood cells.

How is it treated?


There is no one standard treatment for the disease and most treatment plans are based on a number of factors depending on: age/general health, results of laboratory/genomic tests, symptoms/disease complications and prior treatment.

Treatment pathways may include one or many of the following depending on the individual.

  • Chemotherapy
  • Bone marrow transplant
  • Radiotherapy
  • Surgery

What to expect 

It’s natural to ask your doctor all sorts of questions about your treatment plan and what’s likely to happen. Here you’ll find some answers to some questions typically asked;

  • What are my treatment choices?
  • How will each treatment affect my daily life?

Clinical Trials

We will provide links in order to help people access clinical trials in their area.