Blood Cancer Awareness Month

This September, the International Myeloma Foundation (IMF) asks you to take part in a social media campaign to raise awareness about blood cancers, specifically multiple myeloma.

So Myeloma New Zealand is taking part through placing ads online and in newspapers to raise awareness of our organisation so we can continue to help New Zealanders beat one of our most common blood cancers.

We have also created several social media images you can use to share on your own social networks.

We will continue to add more throughout September.

Here’s how you can get involved:    

  • Download a graphic from this page by clicking on the graphic to view the full size
  • Right-click on that graphic and select ‘Save As’ to save the graphic to your device. 
  • Upload that graphic to social media — either Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter — and use the hashtag #BloodCancer
  • To ask for support by way of donations you can link your social media post to our Give a Little page here:
  • Thanks for helping increase myeloma awareness.