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Improving Survival in Multiple Myeloma
What’s new in Myeloma Treatment: a New Zealand Perspective
CAR T-cell Therapy: a New Frontier in Blood Cancer Treatment
Four Decades of Myeloma – Ken Romeril

Research and articles

Research Review: Multiple Myeloma Summit

Research Review Multiple Myeloma Summit Highlights include:  High risk MM outcomes 5-year results for CyBorD MRD for guiding myeloma treatment Burden of MM in NZ Download here
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Research Review: Multiple Myeloma – Issue 28

Issue 28 of Multiple Myeloma Research Review. Highlights include:  Elotuzumab monotherapy for smouldering MM Thereapetuc vulnerability of MM to Pri-17-92 inhibition Identification of novel mutational drivers reveals oncogene dependencies in...
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Research Review: Multiple Myeloma – Issue 27

Issue 27 of Multiple Myeloma Research Review Highlights include:  Low dose lenalidomide + dexamethasone in newly diagnosed POEMS syndrome. Loss of heterozygosity indicates homologous repair deficiency in MM. Treatment intensification...
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