Presentations and videos

Minimal residual disease in Myeloma Session 1
Minimal residual disease in Myeloma Session 2
Improving Survival in Multiple Myeloma
What’s new in Myeloma Treatment: a New Zealand Perspective
CAR T-cell Therapy: a New Frontier in Blood Cancer Treatment
Four Decades of Myeloma – Ken Romeril

Research and articles

Toward personalized treatment in multiple myeloma based on molecular characteristics.

To date, the choice of therapy for an individual multiple myeloma patient has been based on clinical factors such as age and comorbidities. The widespread evolution, validation, and clinical utilization...
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Imaging in multiple myeloma: How? When?

Bone disease is the most frequent feature of multiple myeloma (MM) and represents a marker of end-organ damage; it is used to establish the diagnosis and to dictate the immediate...
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Multiple Myeloma Research Review

Highlights include: Real-life safety and efficacy of autologous SCT in elderly MM Lenalidomide maintenance vs. observation for newly diagnosed MM Subclonal TP53 copy number is associated with MM prognosis Download...
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